3 Year Term - Meetings at 4:00 PM

Jeremy Dorman, Chairman June 2024
Theresa Hull June 2023
Stuart Lipsey June 2024
Osdale Brewster June 2024
Keri Vance June 2023


·  There is hereby created a planning and zoning commission consisting of five members who shall be resident citizens, taxpayers and qualified voters of the city. The city manager, and city secretary shall be ex officio members of the planning and zoning commission.

(Code 1970, § 2-43; Ord. of 9-10-1956, § 1; Ord. No. 1976-4, § 1, 4-12-1976)

·  Sec. 2-79. - Appointment and terms of members.

·  Members of the planning and zoning commission shall be appointed by the of the city commission, subject to confirmation by the city commissionand shall serve for three years, or until their successors are appointed. Appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the unexpired term only.

(Code 1970, § 2-44; Ord. of 9-10-1956, § 1)

·  Sec. 2-80. - Members to serve without compensation.

·  Members of the planning and zoning commission shall serve without compensation.

(Code 1970, § 2-45; Ord. of 9-10-1956)

·  Sec. 2-81. - Election of officers.

·  The members of the planning and zoning commission shall elect a chairman and vice-chairman from its membership.

(Code 1970, § 2-46; Ord. of 9-10-1956, § 2)

·  Sec. 2-82. - Employment of consultants, etc.

·  The planning and zoning commission shall have power to employ such qualified persons as may be necessary for the proper conduct and undertakings of the planning and zoning commissionand to pay for their services and such other necessary expenses, provided that the cost of such services and expenses shall first be appropriated and shall not exceed the amount appropriated by the city commission for the use of the planning commission.

(Code 1970, § 2-47; Ord. of 9-10-1956, § 2)

·  Sec. 2-83. - Power to make rules, bylaws.

·  The planning and zoning commission shall have the power to make rules, regulations and bylaws for its own government which shall conform as nearly as possible with those governing the city commissionand which shall be subject to the approval of the city commission. Such bylaws shall include, among other items, provisions for:

(1) Regular and special meetings, open to the public.

(2) Records of its proceedings, to be open for inspection for the public.

(3) Reporting to the governing body and the public from time to time and annually.

(4) The holding of public hearings on its recommendations.

(5) To appoint, create and define the powers and duties of sub-commissions to study and report on specific matters under investigation by the planning and zoning commission, provided that any subcommission established at least two regular appointed members of the planning and zoning commission shall serve on such subcommission.

(Code 1970, § 2-48; Ord. of 9-10-1956, § 2)

·  Sec. 2-84. - General investigative, recommendatory powers.

·  The city planning and zoning commission shall consider and investigate any matters tending to the development and betterment of the city, and shall make recommendations as it may deem advisable concerning the adoption thereof to any department of the city government, and for any such purpose shall make or cause to be made surveys, maps or plans.

(Code 1970, § 2-49; Ord. of 9-10-1956, § 4)

·  Sec. 2-85. - Preparation of master plan.

The planning and zoning commission shall have the power and duty to make and recommend for adoption a master plan, as a whole or in parts, for the future development and redevelopment of the city and its environs.

(Code 1970, § 2-50; Ord. of 4-10-1961, § 3)