Unclaimed Property

The City’s Accounts Payable department is attempting to locate the rightful owners of unclaimed cash.  This property is presumed abandoned and is subject to Chapter 76 of the Title 6, Unclaimed Property Texas Property Code. Amounts of more than one hundred ($100) that are deemed abandoned (and are more than three (3) years old for vendors or one (1) year old for utility billing refunds as of March 1st of each year) are transferred to the State of Texas Comptroller’s Office by July 1st of each year. The remaining checks are retained by the City until claimed.

Claimants are required to provide the city with sufficient documentation to substantiate entitlement to payment by submitting a claim form to the City’s Accounts Payable department. When preparing your claim form, please include all available information to assist in expediting your payment.  Claimant information (social security numbers, driver’s license number, last known address, and property description) is used to verify ownership during the claims process.

Steps to Claim Funds: 

  • Click the link below to view the list.
  • Find the name on unclaimed check list.
  • Fill out and send in the claim form with supporting documentation.
Unclaimed Property List
Unclaimed Property Claim Form

Completed and signed claim forms along with copies of any required documentation may be mailed or emailed to:
City of Carthage
ATTN: Accounts Payable
PO BOX 400 
Carthage, TX 75633

Email: accountspayable@carthagetexas.com

You may utilize the link below to search for any other unclaimed property that may be owed to you through the State Comptroller's office. 
Texas' Official Unclaimed Property - Texas Comptroller